chad ♕ king

UX / UI Designer


Hello, I'm Chad, a Chicago-based designer/developer hybrid, or as I like to refer to myself as a "geeky artist", with a passion for outstanding user experience on the internet.

I am a creative web design professional with over ten years’ experience in graphic-interface design. Web development from concept to production requires the focus of an experienced designer with a strong work ethic who is not afraid of working long hours, both independently and with a team. I am that highly motivated, detail oriented professional who will get the job done in a timely manner. My web production and software development engage all users across the spectrum by enhancing user experience and human computer interfaces.

I am a highly motivated, detail oriented and creative individual who is capable of putting in the long hours working on a web development project from concept development through production effectively, with a great attitude and get the work done in a timely manner.

I have a strong work ethic and I'm quite capable of working independently or as a member of a well organized team. Through military and civilian professional experience I have developed valuable skills that would fit well within your design team.

United States Army SealArmy Veteran



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1618 S Washtenaw
Chicago, Illinois, 60608 United States
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